The VAD that your production needs

We are the Virtual Art Department that is responsible for connecting the dots to materialize your creative and artistic vision in a virtual production.

Virtual production

If you need virtual production for your shoot and don’t know where to start, contact us. Our services are specialized in generating content and setting up solutions for chroma studios and LED volumes.

We have portable camera tracking solutions and audiovisual equipment to configure a base production, as well as the possibility of scaling it to more advanced environments with LED volumes and the latest tracking and synchronization technologies.

Some of the main differentials of our product include:

Environment optimization

Good polygonization and correct management of materials allows you to do much more with less powerful machines, but also do much more with powerful machines.

Knowledge of film flows applied to Unreal Engine

These processes inherited from traditional post-production facilitate certain production steps, so you can send the shots to traditional composition or stay with the final pixel straight from the set, it’s up to you.

Team of experts in the audiovisual industry

Our team has profiles in broadcast, film and traditional fiction content, who apply their knowledge of the industry to this new medium so that the customer experience is exactly what they need.

Photogrammetry and scanning environments and props

We produce replicas of environments and objects for use in virtual content. We optimize the results to facilitate cross-platform use.