Spatial Assault – Weapons
Virtual Set
Virtual set optimized and adapted to the client's needs for use in live or delayed formats
Pare Nostre
Creation of virtual sets for the film production Pare Nostre carried out by Media Pro
Clúster Audiovisual Gallego
Introductory training activity to Unreal Engine 5 for Broadcast carried out with professionals from the audiovisual industry with the help of the Galician audiovisual cluster.
Spatial Assault
Mixed reality video game in collaboration with Virtual Voyagers. Visual and artistic development.
Marco Polo
Interactive project in real time in which a historical figure interacts with the public.
Acciona Energy
Virtual reality project developed for Virtual Voyagers in Meta Quest 3.
Virtual environment
Reconstruction of a real environment for the cinema of the Conde Miranda square. Virtual set for use on set.
The Observer
In this piece of fiction we travel to an alien ship where not everything is as it seems. Video game trailer.
Music interviews
Creation of personalized environments for recording live or delayed content. Recreation of a typical flamenco tablao for an interview with the dancer María Martinez Craviotto.