Spatial Assault – Weapons

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Game development for Apple Vision Pro

Development tests for new technologies. In this case for AVP (Apple Vision Pro), as well as in Meta Quest 3, we have worked together with Spatial Voyagers to develop a conceptual mini-game that allows us to analyze limitations and performance of the devices.

For the design of Spatial Assault weapons, a series of decisions had to be made prior to their development. Firstly regarding the visual aspect, we wanted them to have a fun but uniform, somewhat “corporate” look. Our intention was that in terms of finishes it would have a clear similarity to the classic arcade machines and computers of the 80s, maintaining a rough gray plastic base, with metallic elements, some emissives and of course the rainbow on each one of them.

In the aspect of usability and UX, reinforcing the concept of professionalism of thieves, the selection and change of weapons is based on interaction with a toolbox.

Once it is opened, we can see that the weapons are perfectly placed in their tactical foam spaces.

Not only do we have weapons, we also have defensive elements such as masks, to protect ourselves from the lethal gas that enemies throw at us or an umbrella that acts as a shield against shots from drones or ground robots.

Regarding its animation, simple animations were created that could be launched through events depending on the interaction at each moment, the recoil of the weapons when pressing the trigger, the ring of the grenade jumping when it is active, the opening and closing of the umbrella , etc…

We also thought it might be interesting for users to have some type of weapon that did not depend on ammunition or usage limitations, which could be used as a last resort.

In this case we think that having an ax and a crowbar could serve as a throwing weapon.

In the case of the rest of the weapons, a projectile counter was designed to limit the number of shots of each one.

The entire development follows a cohesive line with the environments and the proposed concept of general aesthetics. Unifying the treatment of the different elements and characters involved in the narrative.